UNESCO Conference, the first names: Severgnini, Piovani, Fresu, Cacciari, Forcellino

UNESCO Conference, the first names: Severgnini, Piovani, Fresu, Cacciari, Forcellino

The UNESCO Creative Cities Conference 2019 Program is coming: along with delegates from the 180 UNESCO Creative Cities, many artists and intellectuals will attend the international event taking place in Fabriano from 10-15 June, 2019.

The Mayors’ Forum will discuss the relationship between culture, sustainability, innovation and urban development that will be: the event, attended by Milano’s Mayor Giuseppe Sala, will be presented by the journalist and writer Beppe Severgnini,  from the Corriere della Sera, the main italian newspaper, as well as director of Corriere’s weekly “Sette” and columnist of the New York Times.

Beppe Severgnini, moderatore Forum dei Sindaco Città Creative UNESCO a Fabriano
Beppe Severgnini


During Step III, the third public meeting on the Conference’s journey, the organization unveiled the names of some of the artists and intellectuals that will give shape to the “Ideal City” themeNicola Piovani, Paolo Fresu, Massimo Cacciari e Antonio Forcellino.


Nicola Piovani is a composer, musician and conductor, author of many cinema and theatre soundtracks: in 1999, he was awarded an Oscar for the original soundtrack of Roberto Benigni’s “La Vita è Bella”.

Nicola Piovani, compositore, a Fabriano alla Conference Città Creative UNESCO
Nicola Piovani


Paolo Fresu is a musician and trumpet player, with over 340 publications as a Jazz musician, and many international collaborations (Ludovico Einaudi, Omar Sosa), as well as pop music (Ornella Vanoni, Ivano Fossati), and cinema/theatre collaborations (Ermanno Olmi, Giorgio Albertazzi). He is also the director of many artistic festivals.

Paolo Fresu, musicista, a Fabriano per la Conference Città Creative UNESCO

musician Paolo Fresu

Massimo Cacciari is a prominent italian philosopher, as well as the former Mayor of Venice.

Il filosofo Massimo Cacciari alla Conference delle Città Creative UNESCO a Fabriano
Philosopher Massimo Cacciari


Antonio Forcellino is an architect and an expert in restoration of cultural heritage, as well as Renaissance art, directing the restoration of many works from Michelangelo and writing texts on the Italian Renaissance.

Antonio Forcellino, esperto di Leonardo e Michelangelo, per le Città Creative UNESCO a Fabriano
Architect Antonio Forcellino (Ph. Cred. Rai Letteratura)


A strong cultural program, that will be joined with the Great Bear Cities project, a cultural event that will take place simultaneously in the cities of the Marche region at the beginning of the UNESCO Conference.